Make your own Silver Jewelry is a Hit!

Our New Lillo Ollo Jewelry Classes have been so fun! Thanks to all who have attended, especially for being patient with us as we learn to teach it to you!

We have decided to make the classes a bit smaller, and a bit longer. There are just so many options of what to make, we don't want anyone to feel rushed. You are always welcome to come in early to look at the books and stamps ahead of class time!

If you would like to attend any of these classes, please call and reserve a spot ASAP!

Upcoming classes:

Thurs. April 23- 6-9pm

Thurs. April 30- 6-9pm

Sat. May 2- 3-6pm

Thurs. May 7- 6-9pm

If you cannot make it to any of these classes, don't let that stop you! We can set up a time for you and your friends at another time.


- Want to bring the kids in to do prints, but don't want to do the "dirty work"? We can do all the work for you, and you can pick it up the next day!

$20 Finishing fee

includes a cute zipper pouch and gift wrapping. Please make an appointment, so we know you are coming!

Here are some examples of what our customers have been making!

This is a Ring with her Husband's Fingerprint on it!

This one carved her initial into it instead of using a stamp! Very creative!