Copy Cat Club

Since this past summer we've been offering Copy Cat Club, a class for adults wishing to learn new painting tips and techniques while creating a project on a step-by-step basis. We usually hold CCC once a month on a Thursday at 6pm, and every month we feature a new design!

The cost of the class is $10 plus the price of the pottery piece you choose to paint. We offer food and drinks and we welcome guests to bring refreshments as well.

Last month's Copy Cat Club project was the Funky Trees Platter:

The interesting thing about Copy Cat Club is how differently each artist's piece turns out even though everyone is following the same directions. Each artist has the same project in mind, but once she chooses her platter and follows her own creative instincts, the project takes on the unique direction of the artist and becomes her own distinctive masterpiece!

First steps were to cut out the funky tree pattern and arrange them on the platter. 

Then, artists drew a horizon line and painted the sky with a washy blue and the ground with purple, blue and white.


Dark swirls are added to the sky and tree patterns are peeled off, revealing the untouched bisque underneath. 

This is where projects started to really take their own paths as artists chose different shades of green for their trees, made polka dot ornaments, and added black outlines and swirls.

Manager Allie Nottingham gives instructions and encouragement.

It was so much fun watching these pieces come alive!

We think everyone's pottery turned out fabulously! 

We were delighted to find that one of our lovely artists, Megan McCain, featured us in her blog following this Copy Cat Club! Check our her post at 

A Few of Our Favorite Things


Below are some of our past projects:

July - Peacock Feather Platters (and variations of plates, dishes & coffee mugs)

August - Razorback Serving Platter (had an LSU Mike the Tiger variation!)

September - Halloween Candy Bowl

October - Your choice of Fall Leaves or Birchwood Tree Platter

There are step-by-step guides for all of these projects available in our idea corner. We'll be starting Copy Cat Club again in January- Stay tuned for dates!