Paint Crumbles Trees

If you haven't seen this yet, prepare to be amazed. Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the leftover paint in your palette after painting at The Painted Pig? Sometimes, we scoop it back into the bottle. But if there are colors that have mixed together, then those palettes are dumped onto a special plate of leftover paint to dry and harden into crumbles. 

We then use those paint crumbles to create incredible, one-of-a-kind pieces. After fired, crumbles have a thick, glassy, marbleized look - and you never know what colors you are going to get! 


Isn't the transformation amazing? We have pre-painted and available at the store right now! $45 for the platters, $10 to add personalization. 

Paint crumbles are also available for your own projects... the only requirements are that the piece be flat and that you paint the entire piece of pottery before using the crumbles. Easy enough!