Spring Break Hot Spots in Little Rock, Arkansas

Spring Break is around the corner, and while we are still mopping up glitter and confetti from our birthday month (just turned 10 in January!), we are already in the midst of planning for spring break. At The Painted Pig, we are stocking up on fun shapes, both new and already popular. We can't wait to see you and your families. It has us thinking about all the other cool stuff going on in Little Rock ... there is plenty to do to keep kids of all ages occupied! Here is a little list of our favorites (in no order whatsoever):

Places to Go Play

  • Little Rock Zoo: The Zoo is a great place to spend the day and get some outside time. We always visit the train, the cafe, and the penguins. The new Arkansas Heritage Farm exhibit is cool -- my son loved seeing the goats and chickens up close! Check out their website for the times they do animal feedings. 
  • The Wonder Place: Great for babies and preschoolers alike, this is a great place for siblings to get to play! My kids go through stages of loving different areas of this play place -- the slide is always a favorite, as well as the dress up theatre and the always-popular water table. The blocks and vet area were also favorites on our last trip. Don't miss the sand table and art room!
  • Museum of Discovery: We have only been twice, but last year we went to see Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat on Spring Break and it was packed! Such a hit. The kids (of course) got stage fright and maybe cried a little, but it was so worth the picture, right?? We are planning on going again, maybe this time to see Daniel Tiger. Plus, they love the new little kid room that has all the foam noodles hanging from the ceiling, block tables, and a vet clinic. I'd suggest going early, since we almost missed seeing the famous monkey -- we lucked out when someone gave us their ticket because they didn't want to wait! With lots of cool exhibits to interact with, this museum is great for the big kids, too. Check their website for pricing and Facebook page for which days which characters will be there. 
  • Check out the library: We love going to the Children's Library! Check out some books and pick up a monthly calendar. It looks like lots of fun story times and visits from The Kinders and Tommy Terrific are happening at libraries across the CALS system soon. You can check out whats happening at a library near you. 
  •  Catch a movie or musical: As far as kid-friendly movies go, The Lego Batman movie is already out, and Beauty and the Beast opens March 17. My daughter can't wait to see Beauty and the Beast with me, and I am just as excited. The Arkansas Art Center is having special matinee performances of Fancy Nancy the Musical during Spring Break (March 21-24 at 2 pm). Prices for tickets range for $10-12.50 depending on whether or not you are a member. 
  •  Get outside: If the weather is nice, get the whole family outside to camp or picnic! Enjoy the fresh air, and put all the phones and electronic devices away. This would be fun at any Arkansas State Park, or even in your own backyard. Pack a lunch and enjoy each other and the scenery. The kids will love the adventure!
  • The Painted Pig: Our studio will be open normal hours every day of spring break, and we are ready to help you get creative. Bring your creative juices and get ready for shelves of brand new shapes like a Biggy Princess Bank (the biggest princess bank ever), monster trucks, lots of pineapple shapes, fairy garden boxes and lanterns, Easter eggs, vases, and so much more. Projects range from $12-$50 depending on the shape. You can also check out our mosaics, glass fusing, or door hangers. There is so much to choose from! Walk-in any time -- no reservations needed. If you have a group of five or more, you may want to call ahead, as we get busy during Spring Break. We are open Monday to Thursday 10-6, Friday and Saturday 10-8, and Sunday 1-5. 

 Places to Eat

  • Purple Cow: This popular hamburger joint will take you back to the 1950s and has great food for kids and adults alike. I love that they offer crayons and coloring sheets for the kids. Bribe the kids with milkshakes, the purple vanilla is a favorite. Find a location near you here
  • All Aboard: A train brings you your food ... that's all you need to know. Just kidding! The thrill of the experience may be the train for the kids, but the food is good too. Don't expect little ones to eat a ton, as it's very distracting when you love trains ... who can blame them!? They love the hot dogs, and I like the strawberry salad with goat cheese and added grilled chicken. There are lots of great options, and they recently expanded the booths! 
  • Le Pops: This is a new favorite for my kids. Gourmet popsicles in a variety of flavors -- yum! We loved the vanilla with chocolate shell and the chocolate pretzel. This Heights spot is closed on Mondays, so be sure to enjoy on any other day. 

There is so much more, I am sure! I have only scratched the surface of all the fun going on in Little Rock next week. I would love to know what your fave hot spot is for kids on Spring Break -- let me know in the comments or social media!