Create custom silver charms out of recycled silver


We can help you create heirloom-quality silver charms using silver jewelry clay! And because the silver is a moldable clay, you can customize your pieces with the hundreds of available stamps or even a loved one's fingerprint for a one-of-a-kind keepsake.


Small charms (two)  $50
Medium charm $50
Large charm  $75

Jump ring  $1.50
Gem stone  $1.50 (buy two get one free)
Ring  $25-35
Earrings  $3-10
Sterling silver necklace  $8-15
Sterling silver charm bracelet  $18-30

Please note our prices are based on the current silver rate and might change with the market prices.


  • Appointments are necessary

  • Please allow 20-45 minutes for your appointment (depending on number of charms) and one week for pick-up

  • Want to capture fingerprints in your design? Be sure to bring the child along to your appointment!

  • Your fee includes materials, custom fees, and a jewelry pouch

  • Our silver clay is 99.9% silver, while sterling silver is 92.5% pure!